4th Ed

The revision process - 4th edition


A detailed change log in Norwegian Language is available for download at this website. Major changes are presented in the file "Revision history/change log".. Further revision has taken place since this change log was written (the change log was issued July 2016 while the latest changes were implemented December 2016). We do not have the capacity to translate the Norwegian change log document (for changes implemented after July 2016), however these changes are of a comparatively minor nature. The reader should be aware that though the change log document refers to Revision 6 of the US Navy Diving Manual, the authors have  reviewed Rev 7 of the USN Diving Manual and included those changes considered relevant (this was completed during Dec 2017). The most relevant change from USN Diving Manual Rev 6 (2008) to Rev 7 (2016) is the use of VVAL 79 parameter set rather than VVAL18M.


This was the original timeline intended for the publication of the fourth edition of the NDTT. The last bullet point identified the delay regarding completion of the process that took place during 2016:

  • Medio april: The principles for revision should be presented in oral for stakeholders and interested (completed Feb -16)
  • Medio may:Finalize a public releasable draft of NDTT Rev 4 and release this requesting feedback (Completed April -16)
  • End aug: Principle author to finalize draft of NDTT Rev 4 for review within board of editors (Completed July 2016)
  • Medio sep: Final deadline for board of editors to finalize review process
  • End sep: Initially considered date for public release of NDTT Rev 4. Regrettably we have to pospone this.
  • Medio oct: A new draft (Rev D7) has been produced and released for public review. Final date for comments: Dec 15th 2016.
  • Nov 30. 2016. Meeting With "Standard Norge" Expert Group receiving input from Norwegian stakeholders. 
  • Jan 15th 2017. Date of Public release for the official 4th edition of the NDTT. Completed Jan 15th 2017
  • March 2017. Expected release date of printed tables (in Nowegian and English). Completed Feb -17.